Lullaby Girl

 An album of dreamy and melancholy covers of classic songs and two new original songs from Lisa Loeb

Up for Nomination in the 61st GRAMMY AWARDS for: 

Best Childrens Album

Best Arrangement (“Rainbow Connection”)

Best Engineering

First Round Voting: October 17- October 31st

Artwork by Janet Wolsborn

Artwork by Janet Wolsborn


Music videos for all tracks from Lisa Loeb's "Lullaby Girl" directed and produced by Kevin Garcia and Lisa Loeb with Adam Carr as Director of Photography. All feature Larry Goldings on piano, Adam Levy on guitar, PC Jones on bass, and Gustin Flaig on drums and were shot at MUSE in Studio City, California. 



Lullaby Girl was produced by Larry Goldings, Rich Jacques, and Lisa Loeb

Be My Baby (Jeff Barry, Ellie Greenwich, Phil Spector)

Don't Stop (Christine McVie)

Close Your Eyes (Lisa Loeb, Rich Jacques, Larry Goldings)

Dream a Little Dream (Fabian Andre, Wilbur Schwandt, Gus Kahn)

In My Room (Gary Usher, Brian Wilson)

O-o-h Child (Stan Vincent)

Rainbow Connection (Kenneth Lee Ascher, Paul Williams)

All the Pretty Little Horses (Public Domain)

Lullaby Girl (Lisa Loeb, Cliff Goldmacher)

Inch Worm (Frank Loesser)

What the World Needs Now is Love (Burt Bacharach, Hal David)

A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes (Mack David, Al Hoffman, Jerry Livingston)

Tomorrow  (Charles Strouse, Martin Charnin)


Lisa Loeb - Vocals
Larry Goldings - Piano, electric piano, celeste organ, synth, glock, whistle, melodica, pocket piano
Adam Levy - Electric and acoustic guitar, ukulele
Garretson Lang - Upright bass, Hofner bass
Jay Bellerose - Drums, percussion
Kyler England - Background vocals on "O-o-h Child," "Don't Stop," "What the World Needs Now is Love," "In My Room"
Childen's chorus on "Inch Worm:" Kayla Cohen, Harper Joyce, Siena Michaelis, Tessa Michaelis

Produced by Larry Goldings, Rich Jacques, and Lisa Loeb

Recorded at Vox Studios, Los Angeles, CA
Additional Recording at The Deathstar Studio, Los Angeles, CA and Stone Canyon Studio, Los Angeles, CA
Engineered by Michael Harris
Studio Assistant - Chris Cerullo

Engineering at The Deathstar Studio by Rich Jacques
Mixed by Brian Yaskulka
Mastered by Hans Dekline
Arrangements by Larry Goldings

Art Direction: Janet Wolsburn & Lisa Loeb
Design: Janet Wolsburn
Photos: Francis Iacuzzi
Illustrations: Ekaterina Trukhan

Management: Janet Billig Rich & David Rich/Manage This Media LLC
Legal Representation: Adam Ritholz/Ritholz Lecy LLP
Business Management: Carrie Malcolm & Yana Romano/CRM Management, LLC

Thank you to:

Steve Boom, Alex Luke, Griff Morris, Jamie Fullen, Chris Graham, Stephen Brower, Sharon Bako, Katie Vitolins, and everyone at Amazon Music.