Sick, Sick, Sick

Sick sick sick

They watch you closely.                                                       

They love you mostly when they watch the time.                                                   


Tick Tock Tick                                                          

They want you breathing on your own.                                                        

If you could get up then they’d take you home,                                                       

but that won’t do, there’s something wrong with you.                                                         


Think think think                                                       

Do you remember?                            

It was last November on your birthday when they brought you in.                                                 


Dot Dot Dot Dash                                                     

V for victory.                                                 

You flashed your hand                                                           

and threw your cake into the garbage can.                                                     

Oh misery, there’s something wrong with me.


Now they sit by your bed and they hide                                                      

from each other, by your side                                                

with each other and play games.                                            

They don’t talk, they’d rather watch the clock.


tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock


Tick Tac Toe

no two turns in a row:

that’s cheating


x x o

You never win,

but you want to play again.


You’re the only reason that they spend this time together.

Don’t be scared to share the news.

Afraid to say you’ve made the trade for bells and whistles.

No more thorns and thistles for you.

No more crazy in the head, no more lying in your bed.


Jump up high:

let them know that you are happy.

It’s okay to show them that you’re well.


if they can’t take it they can go to hell.