"Feel What U Feel" GRAMMY Win

"Feel What U Feel" won Best Children's Album at the 60th annual GRAMMY Awards!


Thank You!

I want to thank my collaborators who helped me make this album. I’m lucky to have found such a wonderful co-producer, Rich Jacques, co-writers, Kyler England, Jess Chalker, Renee Stahl, Jesse Epstein, Rob Giles, Jasmine Ash, Carol Hall, who wrote "It's All Right to Cry," musicians, Kazumi Shimokawa, Matt Starr, my choir of kiddos: Jade Block, Sophia Mesner, and Molly Rich, special guests, Craig Robinson and Ed Helms, mix engineer, Brian Yaskulka,  and mastering engineer Hans DeKline.

Thank you to Amazon Music (Steve, Griff, Chris, Stephen, Sharon, Jamie and Dave) and the rest of my team who made this album possible - Janet Billig Rich, Adam Ritholz, Carrie Malcolm, Yana Romano, Janet Wolsburn, Beth Blenz-Clucas, Katie Kerins, and Juan Patino for the great photos. Special thanks to Roey, Lyla, and Emet, and thank YOU for listening!


I’d love to take a moment here to thank the folks who I worked with to make the videos for the album. Watching the songs is one of our favorite ways to listen if you'd like to share them when you announce our win!! 


Production Company: Sun House Films
Executive Producer: Lisa Loeb
Executive Producer: Lanette Phillips
Executive Producer: Jay Wasley

Producer: Shawn Foster
Director & Writer: Storme Whitby-Grubb
Director of Photography: Jay Wasley
Lisa Management: Janet Billig Rich
Editor- Moon Star Pie, The Sky is Always Blue, You Have it in You, Wanna Do Day, You Can Count on Me (Lullaby): Jay Wasley
Editor- Wiggle, Feel What You Feel: Jacob Tishler
Editor- Let’s Keep the Band Together, You Can Count on Me: Ashley Richardson
Editor- Say Hello, It’s Alright to Cry, I was Here: Patrick Gallo

Camera Operator/1st Assistant Camera: Charlie Gibson, Claudio Tona
Gaffer: Jason Berg
Key Grip: Charles Hager, Dave Patten

Grip: Kirk Sumner, Zafer Ulkucu
Playback Operator: Cole Morse
Teleprompter Operator: Joseph Lekkas, Tina Matthews
Production Assistant: Collins Feeser, Justin Rue, Sarah Bernat
Art Director: Area Webner
Talent Driver: Hani Latif
Set Dresser: Kaedi Maney
Still Photography: Kaedi Maney
Lisa Loeb Make up Artist: Neil Robinson
Stylist: Selby Knoblack, Mark Katigback
Assistant Stylist: Mercy Bell
Makeup Artist: Jennifer Whitus, Nati Bujalance
Illustrator: Ben Douglas
Set Construction: Charles Hager
Puppetteer: Ben Douglas
Puppetteer: Charles Hager
Puppetteer: Storme Whitby-Grubb
Stop Motion Animator: Jay Wasley
Extras Casting: Brittney Biggs
Casting: Kristin Roth